Genealogy boomerang

The generosity of fellow researchers, complete strangers willing to take time out of their life to help me, has been, quite frankly, awe-inspiring. As I begin this blog in an effort to share my research and lessons I learn along the way, I can only hope it will open the door of opportunity so that I may be able to help someone else. I make it a point to help where I can and am always looking for new ways to do so. They say that what you give is what you get, so I’ve come to internally refer to these random acts of kindness as the result of the the genealogy boomerang.


Volunteering my time to indexing records is one of the ways that I give back to the genealogy family and in return it has already helped me so much. My brain is constantly going in all different directions and sometimes, I need to take 10 or 20 minutes to relax and just focus. Indexing does that for me. Although the thought of reading and typing random historical records may send some people running, to me it is a challenge that I enjoy and bonus – I’ve learned A LOT.

I am excited to begin this blog and hope it to be one big boomerang I’m sending out.




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